Settling Into a Home in a Busy Neighborhood? 3 Tips to Boost Security


Buying a house in a busier neighborhood can be great when you want to have a lot of neighbors, as well as nearby entertainment, but it can certainly come with some drawbacks as well. With more people around, there may be a higher chance of your home being broken into.

While this isn't entirely unavoidable, it's smart to pay attention to what kinds of things you can do to boost security and make sure that your home isn't going to be at risk.

1. Request a Home Walkthrough

As you prepare for making changes to the security of the home, you could be feeling overwhelmed by all the security features offered. Instead of making the mistake of choosing just any features and overspending, you'll want to bring in a professional and have a walkthrough done. This way, you can make sure that any problem areas are spotted and taken care of. This could anything from replacing a broken window latch to having an additional lock installed on the front door.

2. Have the Locks Rekeyed

After moving into a home you've just purchased, it can be time some time to feel settled in and secure since it's a new place. When you're unsure of who has keys to the home, however, it can be even tougher to feel comfortable. Having the locks rekeyed by a professional can help make sure that your locks aren't going to be an issue for you. Having all the locks in the home rekeyed and specifying how many keys you need can ensure that you'll have access to the home without any issue and that you'll feel confident about getting in and out of your home.

3. Add Motion Detection Lights

If you're eager to improve security for your home, adding motion detection lights can be a smart way to keep potential burglars away. With lights that automatically turn on when they sense movement outside, you can make sure that your home is much more secure. Installing an alarm security system could also deter people from taking advantage of your home. 

When you're just getting settled into a home you've purchased, making a few updates to the security can make a big difference in how comfortable you feel. Bringing in a security system technician for home security projects instead of handling it alone can give you the peace of mind. They can help you feel much more secure because you won't struggle with making the right updates.


14 February 2020

How Secure Is Your Home?

If someone really wanted to break into your home and steal your television, jewelry, or cash, do you think they could? If your answer is "yes," then you probably need to beef up your security system. A good system does not just deter intruders. It stops them entirely. So what does such a system consist of? For one, it has a great network of cameras that feed to your smartphone, so you always know exactly what is going on. It should also be programmed to call the police in the case of an intruder, which helps keep the criminal from getting away. Keep reading the posts on this blog, which we created to help educate homeowners about security, and you will learn a lot more.