Are You Traveling and Leaving Your Teen at Home? Understand Your Home Security and Surveillance Options


It can be hard to decide when your teens are old enough to be left alone and responsible for themselves overnight, and if it's safe to leave them home alone. For parents who travel for work, with teenagers that are self-sufficient, getting a security and camera system in the home can be what it takes for you to feel comfortable leaving for an overnight while your teen is home by themselves.  

Have a security professional come to your home so you can get a good idea of the layout of your home, and so they can see where the property is vulnerable. Then talk with the professional about these things.

Surveillance Options and Needs

There are many advantages to having surveillance options and cameras in the house. You or your teen will be able to:

  • Get notifications if someone has activated the cameras around the property
  • View who is at the home when the doorbell rings or someone knocks
  • See any potential intruders with interior cameras
  • Watch the teen arriving, leaving and inside the home while you are away
  • Turn cameras on and off or record wirelessly from a phone

You get cameras that will be set up for either constant surveillance, or that only get activated by motion. You can also have these settings on different timers throughout the day.

House Lockdown Options

Automatic locking options are available if you want to be able to control the locks on the home. If you are on the cameras and see that someone is around your property, and you worry that your teen doesn't have the doors locked, you want to be able to lock the doors from your phone.

Ask about key bad deadbolts, sliding door locks, and even window options if you want the most protection. There can be an emergency option that allows you to press one button on your phone in the app and lock the entire house immediately.

Wireless Notifications

When you are away you want to know when your child is getting home at night, what time they get in from school, and what is going on around the house. This allows you to get alerts and monitor the activity, and to take notice of odd behavior.

If you are debating whether you can leave your teen at home or not, and you wish you could just have more eyes on the house, with a good security system and surveillance you can. Meet with local home security services to learn about your options. 


27 July 2020

How Secure Is Your Home?

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