What to Consider When Looking at Security Systems For Your Home


Your home should be your place of refuge and the place where you feel safe no matter what is happening in the rest of the world. Installing a security system in your home can help, but how large a security system installation you need can depend on what you want to achieve and the size of your property. 

Have a Home Survey Completed

The survey will include looking at the home's needs from securing doors and windows, to dealing with exterior areas with cameras or other monitoring devices. The security system installers can put in basic alarm sensors around the home for you and add more to the system later if you choose, or you may want to have a complete security system installation done all at once. The home survey is the best way to determine what the system should include and the placement of all the parts to ensure you get the best security possible from the system.

Entry Point Sensors

If you are serious about securing the house, having security system installers put sensors on every entry point in the house is essential. One door or windows without a sensor on them can mean a hole in the net surrounding the house that leaves you unprotected. Most systems can monitor as many entry points as you need, and the sensors for each location are very inexpensive, so there is never a good reason to not monitor any part of your home. Even the door from your garage to your home should have a sensor on it in case someone gains entry to the garage without you being aware of it.

Camera Systems

Often, adding cameras to the outside of the home can increase the home's security and allow you to monitor activity in the yard or the street in front of the house. Talk to your security system installers about the best locations for cameras, but consider cameras on the entrances to the home and the front of the garage looking down the driveway.

Monitored Security

Another option you may want to consider when having a security system installation is a monthly monitoring package for your home. Working with a company to monitor the system means all you need to do is set it, and they will monitor it and call authorities if there is a breach of the home. This can be a great asset to you and make the security system in your home even more effective. 


21 August 2020

How Secure Is Your Home?

If someone really wanted to break into your home and steal your television, jewelry, or cash, do you think they could? If your answer is "yes," then you probably need to beef up your security system. A good system does not just deter intruders. It stops them entirely. So what does such a system consist of? For one, it has a great network of cameras that feed to your smartphone, so you always know exactly what is going on. It should also be programmed to call the police in the case of an intruder, which helps keep the criminal from getting away. Keep reading the posts on this blog, which we created to help educate homeowners about security, and you will learn a lot more.