How To Take Care Of Your Home Security System


Your security system may need more maintenance than you think. There is a lot you can do to make your security system more effective and even safer. You can make the most of your security system by taking preventative steps.

Take these steps to make your home security system as efficient and effective as possible.

Clean Your Lenses

Your camera lenses can become dirty over time, even if they are inside or covered. Make sure you clean your lenses regularly to get all the information possible when your camera is filming. Alcohol wipes are useful for this purpose.

Make Sure the Enclosure Is Still Waterproof

If your camera has been outside for a while, it is a good idea to check out the enclosure, making sure it is still waterproof and has not allowed water to seep inside. If you spot signs of water, make sure your cameras are still working.

Make Sure the Electric Components Are Still in Place

You can also check out the electrical outlets and wiring of your system. If you haven't checked out all your cameras lately, make sure you examine the components to ensure that you can still record and view your cameras.

Clear Away Webs and Debris

You can make sure that your home security cameras pick up everything by clearing away spider webs and other debris from in front of the camera lens. Make a point of clearing away dust and other materials that could obstruct your camera's view regularly or else you may miss important details.

Check Your Recordings Frequently

It is also wise to check out your recordings frequently so that you do not miss an issue that urgently requires your attention. Log in to your account and watch recordings at least once a week to ensure that the recordings have not stopped or been obstructed.

Add a Password to Your System

If you use an app or another login to check your recordings or other security details, it is important that you check out the password situation. Make sure that you have a strong password that nobody else can guess if they are in close proximity to the camera.

Speak With a Security Technician

Do you think you may need some maintenance on your security system? Are you considering a new security system? Now is a great time to speak with a professional about getting a new home security system installed or taking care of your current system.


5 January 2021

How Secure Is Your Home?

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