Some Of The Many Benefits Of A Web-Based Card Access Control System


When you are designing your workplace, consider opting for a web-based card access control system when it comes to the building. Once you have more information on these systems, you will likely find that it is going to be the best way for you to go for many reasons. If you haven't gone with this type of system before, then keep reading for more information on the benefits and conveniences this card access control system would offer: 

You don't have to try to get a key back when someone leaves 

If you have regular locks and keys in the workplace, then this can complicate things a bit when someone leaves the company. You will have to get the key back from them. They may not hand it over easily, especially if there was tension when the professional relationship was severed. With a web-based card access control system, all you have to do is go into the system and revoke the access rights for their card. 

You don't have to worry about lost keys

When your staff has keys to the building, those keys can get lost. This means someone you don't know could have the key to the building. You would have to have all the locks that the key opens re-keyed or replaced. However, with a web-based card access control system, you just go into the system and block that card from having access. 

Employees won't have to remember codes

Some buildings require codes to be entered in order to gain access to different areas. The downside to this type of system is they have to remember the codes. Every time the code is changed, they will have to remember the new code. This can create more work when there are phone calls coming in from staff who need to be reminded of their codes. The web-based card access control system means no need to remember such codes as well. 

Doors can be set to open or lock according to a schedule

Another great thing about a web-based card access control system is that you can also control the whole system remotely. If there is a time when you want one or more sections of the building to be open to everyone, then you can control this over the system. In fact, it can even be controlled remotely, so you don't even need to be on the grounds to do so. When you want to lock things up again, you can take care of this remotely as well.

For more information on a web-based card access control system, contact a company near you.


5 August 2022

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