2 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Business's Old Video Surveillance System


When you have a business, you want to make sure that the building is secured to protect your employees, customers, and equipment. As part of your efforts to keep the business secured, you may have a video surveillance system installed in the building.

However, if you have not upgraded the system and it is still using the same technology that was available when you first moved your business into the building, it may not be keeping the building as secure as you believe. Below are a couple of signs that it is time to replace your business's old video surveillance system with one that uses more modern technology.

1. Layout, Number of Employees, and Amount of Customers Coming into the Business Have Changed Dramatically

One sign it is time to upgrade your business building's video surveillance system is if there have been drastic changes to your business since the current one was installed. Since your business opened, the layout of the space may have changed, you may have more employees, and the number of customers may have increased.

If the cameras are still in the same place and cannot be easily moved or remotely positioned, they will not be able to cover all areas in the building where you need security footage recorded. If this is the case, you should upgrade to digital cameras that can easily be positioned with a touch of a button so that all areas are covered.

2. Current System Does Not Allow You to Easily Check Live or Recorded Security Footage Remotely

Another sign it is time to replace the video surveillance system in your building is when you are unable to view live or recorded security footage remotely. Especially if your old system is analog and the screens are hardwired to the cameras, you probably have to travel to a specific spot to see the footage or need to wait for copies to be made.

Since you cannot efficiently keep an eye on your business, employees, and customers, consider upgrading to a fully digital system with wireless connections. These systems often allow you to view live and recorded footage on your smartphone so you can check in even when you are not in the building.

If your business's interior layout and the number of people working and using the building have changed, the camera surveillance setup may no longer cover all sensitive areas that you need to record. Also, if your current system does not allow you to easily check live or recorded footage remotely, and instead, makes you go to a specific location or wait for copies, it is time for an update. Contact a security service that offers commercial video surveillance system replacement services to speak with someone about your options.


2 March 2023

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